A mining truck with tires used for our water tanks.

Tire Recycling

Giant Rubber Water Tanks, Inc. has been helping OTR users with recycling options since the early 1980's. We have had working relationships with some of our mining partners since that time. It is part of our mission to provide an easy to manage, government approved, environmentally friendly tire disposal system for mines. We are highly desirable as a scrap tire management system because our method uses very little energy to deconstruct a tire and have it recycled into a new product. 

Giant Rubber Water Tanks is your most cost effective, efficient and carbon footprint friendly way of dealing with your scrap tire waste.

Not only does our method benefit you but it provides sustainable watering systems for the agricultural community as well. The practice of using watering troughs instead of natural bodies of water to hydrate livestock keeps natural water bodies clean and better meets the watering needs of the livestock. Rarely can such a win-win situation be found at such an economical value.

Tire disposal solution

Giant Rubber Water Tanks, Inc. is a Department of Environmental Quality licensed mobile tire treatment facility, has MSHA certification and is insured to work on site at mines. We are interested in working with mines/tire recyclers/tire manufacturers both here in the United States and abroad. Help us help you with your OTR tire recycling needs. Call or email with your questions.