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Giant Rubber Water Tanks originated in the creative mind of a frustrated Wyoming rancher in the early 1980's. Gerald Mahoney wrestled with the replacement costs and untimely demise of many traditional water troughs on his ranch. On the lookout for a more suitable alternative, he took a coal mine tour and was impressed with the large truck tires he saw being used there. He began to see that if one could remove a sidewall from the used tire that they would have a virtually indestructible water trough. Working in conjunction with the mine, he acquired one large scrap tire and then spent many hard days and restless nights trying to find a way to remove the top. His efforts paid off and he built a machine that could efficiently cut the tire. He cut tires for his own use and made note of their durability and freeze resistance. Soon neighbors were asking him to cut some for them as well. The business functioned under the ranch enterprises as a part-time venture until 2002 when Pat and Beth Reilly purchased the business from Gerald (Dad) and incorporated.

Giant Rubber Water Tanks, Inc. continues to be a family owned and operated business. We have grown to include 140 dealers in the United States and ventures in Brazil. Giant Rubber Water Tanks works with numerous mines, tire disposal businesses, tire manufacturers and distributors. We ship used mining tires directly from mines to our customers and dealers then travel and cut them to order or bring our equipment on site at a mine and transform the tires into water tanks there. This can be accomplished because our company has mobile cutting units. We recycle between 4000-5000 OTR tires a year from mine sites. We also cut hundreds of other tires for individuals, tire disposal businesses and tire manufacturers both to use as tanks and to aid in disposal.

GRWT Family business
Giant Rubber Water Tanks

It is our mission and goal to provide an easy to manage, government approved, environmentally friendly tire disposal system for mines, and at the same time provide a cost effective and indestructible water trough alternative for our customers. We accomplish this in an ethical (no tire is repaired) and friendly manner. Giant Rubber Water Tanks, Inc. is a reputable and reliable company who treats our business associates and customers with respect and dignity.

For more information about Giant Rubber Water Tanks, Inc. and its services contact Ed at (888) 830-9504.