Our Equipment

Giant Rubber Water Tanks has been successfully recycling OTR scrap tires into watering troughs for livestock for over 35 years. Each year our mobile cutting units process between 4000-5000 large tires from mines as well as hundreds of tires that individuals bring to us and recycling businesses contract with us to recycle or downsize for their methods. This rich experience base puts us at the top of our class for equipment that can bagel cut all sizes of OTR tires efficiently and effectively. In an average 8 hour day of operation, each unit can process an average of thirty 57" or 63" tires.

Our equipment takes minimal amounts of energy to run and through years of working experience we are engineered to minimize repair time and costs. We are willing to share our equipment and knowledge through consultation with international buyers. Giant Rubber Water Tanks, Inc. has a long heritage of customer service and we bring that practice to GRWT Equipment. Our machinery is tried and true and we wouldn't sell it without providing the proper training so that it can be as successful in your setting as it has been for us all these years. We want you to have at least as much success with your recycling programs as we have experienced. Contact us for quotes and questions.